Bill Ades, HHC, AADP

bill ades health coachBill Ades is a lifestyle coach who is passionate about helping people discover their own passions and hidden talents needed to realize their goals.  A New York born, artist and painter, and graduate from New York University with Bachelor of Science degree, Ades took his creative skills into several different industries, starting some successful businesses before discovering that his true calling was helping others become successful through tapping into the "artist" in them, while eliminating several "fillers" that only seem to prevent people from realizing their dreams.

Ades is a strong believer that the key to developing your energy and focus begins with permanently changing your food intake and day to day habits.

Bill Ades conducts his practice throughout the New York Metropolitan region as well as long distance over the phone.

He continues to actively paint and exhibit his artwork and is also the CEO and co-organizer of several networking groups.