Three Month Detox and Stay in Shape

This is a program that works for all individuals including:

  • people that want to lose 30lbs or more
  • people that do not have a lot of weight to lose but want to lose at a slower pace
  • people that want to change their overall eating habits.

This is not a diet as diets are usually temporary restrictive food plans, which cause you to crave what you have eliminated.  Thus people tend to put their weight back on after dieting with the exception of the lucky super-disciplinary few!  The truth is that cravings tell your body what it desires or needs and your mind attempts to translate it – often into foods that lack the nutrients your body calls for. 

The program is designed to permanently reform your digestive system and turn your body into a healthy fat-burning machine.  You do this by adding healthier foods into your daily intake and replacing food lacking nutrients with food that is rich in nutrients.  The result – you satisfy your cravings and at the same time convert your body to a healthier, more effective system.

By the end of the program you will:

  • Determine what foods to eat based on your cravings
  • Learn how to rule out unhealthy foods in favor of their healthy replacement
  • combine meals optimal for your body
  • Determine why your body is having that specific craving
  • Lose weight and know how to keep it off
  • Feel more energized and focused
  • Improve your lifestyle all around based on your changes of food intake

Your benefits include:

Everything in the Adessences Bare Essentials program plus:

  • One 45 minute ice-breaker
  • Six 45 minute consultations either in person, over the phone or via internet – includes optional visit to health food store
  • voucher to use toward six month program if you decide to upgrade

Cost for this Package is $695.00