The Smorgasbord

Taking on a life coach is not only a huge commitment of your time, it takes an enormous amount of strength and courage to come forward and admit that you need someone to help you along with your journey in life.  While some acknowledge the important need for a coach, whether it is health, career, relationships or defeating their own inner resistance, others need to try it out first to determine whether coaching is really for them.  For this reason, I offer the smorgasbord.

If you have ever been to a huge catered affair, which you probably have been, you probably understand what I mean.  You are given a menu with a choice of let’s say the steak, chicken or fish, but not sure what to get (if you are a vegan then the problem is more or less solved).  It must all be good you think, but you are slightly concerned you might not enjoy it, or you may simply be watching what you eat and might not want to commit to a huge dish.  For this reason, some affairs have what’s called a smorgasbord, which consists of different samples of foods.  You are free to try a little bit and if you like it, you get to help yourself to some more

For clients who are unsure whether to commit, I work the same way.  How it works is that prior to meeting with me, you outline what you want to work on.  We meet for a 35 minute paid session over the phone, and at the end I give you some pointers and advice on how to approach your situation.  If you are happy with what you hear, you have the option of enrolling in one of my packages and having the payment for the smorgasbord applied!

Price for Smorgasbord: $65