As you may know, or if not, you will find out in the course of our program that all it really takes is a little time, commitment, and effort to meet your goals.  Some people are under the impression that it takes longer to get there like 3 to 6 months.  Often this is the fault of a lot of the coaches who feel that the more sessions there are the better.  

Some people take longer to adapt to change than others, and others, even though they succeed in making their changes early, still need some hand-holding included in additional sessions.  I've personally found through my coaching experience and with the exception of few extreme cases, that most people will only require 3 to 4 sessions to get themselves on the right track and are then able to spread their wings and fly solo.  Many have even done it in 2!  

Once you have created that foundation, you now have the tools to realize your goals, whether it is to lose weight, live a healthier lifestyle, or to get that job you've always dreamed of. 

Whether it is to lose weight, land your dream job, or simply live a healhy more fulfilling lifestyle, It is my mission to provide you with easy to follow steps to become more personally grounded, priortize and create more energy in your body and to do it less time rather than more.  

Some of the things we do in our sessions are as follows:

Together, we explore aspects of yourself, experimenting with lifestyle changes including basic schedule changes, prioritizing and incorporating healthy habits such as eating and exercise.  I make a few suggestions and give you a week or however much time you need to incorporate these changes.  Between visits, you are free to contact me with email as much as you need as well as over the phone for a few minutes.  I also introduce you to some new foods –  not bland, tastelss stuff and weird drinks that don't taste that good but food that is actually pleasurable to taste, fun to cook and keeps you coming back for more.  You will feel charged up after the first week.

Some results include:

  • Super charging yourself with renewed energy
  • Developing your focus to complete tasks
  • Overcoming that internal resistance that places feelings of self-doubt in your mind
  • Overcoming the criticism and "helpful advice" that seems to distract and delay the fulfillment of your goals
  • Improve personal and professional relationships all around
  • Discover how to and feel healthy based on your intuition rather than having to rely on a dietician or nutritionist
  • Discover your creative self
  • Learn to hear what your body and mind are telling you
  • Neutralize food, sugar and caffein cravings
  • Once and for all break destructive habits such as smoking
In the bare essentials package, I take into account each aspect of your life so you can make informed choices in your life all around. 

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