Adessential 3 Month Transformation Program

This is the extended version of the Bare Essential Program.  It is designed for people who want to radically change their life in all areas and need the additional guidance.   In three months you will radically change not only your eating patterns and daily habits, you will feel a renewed sense of energy and gain the tools need to accomplish all that your heart desires.

In this program we concentrate on the 3 essential aspects:

  • Detoxifying body
    • Removing negative foods
    • Finding the right exercises
  • Detoxifying lifestyle
    • Finding career of choice
    • Improving relationships & getting rid of bad ones
    • Removing  negative habits
  • Connecting body/mind
    • Meditation/relaxation techniques
    • Grounding techniques
    • Having fun

Included are six one hour coaching sessions – one every 2 weeks.

  • Call one: what is holding you back
  • Call two: managing your time & creating permanent positive habits
  • Call three: eating: what is driving your cravings?
  • Call four: walking with the earth
  • Call five: nourishing your relationships
  • Call six: tapping into your latent talent

Other benefits include:

  • Everything offered in Bare Essentials Program (except for 15 minute phone calls, but that's 'cause you get to spend more time with me!)
  • Optional visit to health food store
  • free gift each session which includes books, healthy snacks and other healthy chachkas!
  • Voucher to upgrade to 6month program

Cost for this Package:  $695.00