Adessences Bare Essentials Package

The Adessences Bare Essentials is the most popular in my program and has proven to be very successful.  

The great thing about this program is time factor – that is my belief that you can acquire the tools to master the changes in your life in 4 sessions max.   I provide you with easy to follow steps to become more personally grounded and create more energy in your body. 

You get the opportunity to explore aspects of yourself, making targeted changes, which include basic schedule changes, reordering your priorities as well as food and exercise.  I also introduce you to some new foods –  not bland, tastelss stuff and weird drinks that don't taste that good but food that is actually pleasurable to taste, fun to cook and keeps you coming back for more.  You will feel charged up after the first week.

Having 4 sessions to do this allows you to both get things done fast or to move at your own pace.  If one change in food or exercise doesn't agree with you, there are other things to choose from.  This program encourages to really explore and monitor your progress with my support.  Several of my clients have even gotten this done in 2 sessions! The beauty is that it is all up to you and at the end you get to decide whether you are ready to take on the world or to go for some more fine tuning in other areas of your life.


Included in this package are:

  • the Ice-Breaker: 1 half-hour & commitment-free introductory session
  • (4) 45 minute one-on-one coaching sessions conducted in person or over the phone
  • materials sent to you following each session so you remember what was covered
  • two 15 minute one-on-one calls during the course of the program
  • one half hour call at end of program
  • unlimited email advice
  • unlimited brief support phone calls
  • list of great healthy recipes
  • shopping list to take with you to the store
  • list of techniques to help you get things done
  • list of exercises to keep your body and mind in optimal health
  • 4 easy-to-cook food packages or snacks
  • option to enroll in some of my other programs at a discounted price

Cost for Adessences Bare Essential Program is $425