8 Day Renewal Program

8-Day Renewal Program

Often, we feel like we are out of sync with everything around us.  Wake up, go to work, follow the same routine without feeling like you accomplish much.  Part of this feeling has to do with low energy resulting from stress.  Most of us, especially living in an urban environment, are well familiar with that word.  It affects our health, peace of mind, relationships, and finances.  There is a fortunate few that knows how to reduce those things, but others get dragged down by it, causing a downward spiral. 

While there is good stress, like when you exert a little extra energy into your run or tennis swing, negative stress is outright toxic, including with the negativity that surrounds us in every day life, including the news programs, billboards and headlines.  It is no wonder that there are so many people surrounding us with negative feelings.

It is very easy to get sucked into that, not to mention the every day routine generally revoiving around our work.  Our jobs sometimes – I mean, most people would agree that being in one place, often without windows, behind a desk, only to go home at night does not make for a healthy lifestyle.  The sad thing is that so many people accept this as a normal price we pay for making what we need to get by.  A pretty raw deal if you ask me.

Like the 6 day cleansing program, I introduce you to foods and exercises that will help you improve your overall health, but place more emphasis in helping you gain more positivity and focus, while reducing those negative feelings affecting your life.  The benefits include:

  •     Increased natural energy levels
  •     Sleeping better
  •     Reduction of bodily pains and headaches
  •     Increased positive energy
  •     Boost of your immune system leading to less colds or rundown feelings
  •     Better digestion
  •     Increased youth and longevity
  •     Improved relationships with your family, friends, and co-workers
  •     Increased productivity

Your 8-Day Renewal Package includes all of the following:

  •     A daily menu and plan to reducing your stress
  •     List of ideas for your Sabbatical or do-nothing day
  •     A list of exercises that will help you reduce your stress anywhere at anytime
  •     Free stress reducing recipes
  •     One 15-minute check-in phone call with me
  •     One 15-minute end of program call with me
  •     Unlimited e-mail support from me for the week where I can answer any of your questions
  •    Additional half hour consultation if you decide to upgrade to one of my packages

Cost for 8-Day Renewal Package: $125