6 Day Cleanse Program

We all have questions pertaining to which foods are negatively affecitng us, wonder why we feel low on energy or unable to lose able a few pounds.  And with all the processed foods and fast food joints around, it is pretty easy to succumb to those foods without knowing what is causing you to have those cravings in the first place, let alone, those sugar and caffeine fixes.

Whether you simply want to lose 5-10 lbs or weight quickly, create an overall harmonius bodily balance, the 6-day cleansing program is a great way to start. 

My 6 day detox program helps you not only develop healthy eating habits, you also learn to identify the sources of your allergies, and negative food reactions, such as alergies.  You will replace those foods with items that will help give you positive energy and release the toxins that are creating stress and ailments.  By eliminating your stress and negative feelings, you will regain focus and learn to identify the issues negatively impacting your life and take action.


Your Six Day Cleansing Program includes:

  •     A flexible menu for you to follow each day with an array of delicious healthy choices
  •     An easy-to-follow list to take with you to the food store
  •     One free healthy snack or package of easy to prepare healthy food
  •     Brief daily exercises to help get you through the day
  •     Unlimited e-mail support addressing any questions you may have
  •     One 15-minute check-in phone call with me midway through your program
  •     One 15-minute phone call at the end of your program
  •     An free additional half hour session if you choose to upgrade to one of my other packages

Cost for One-Week Detox Program: $101