Bill Ades, HHC, AADP Holistic Lifestyle Coach, AADP

A Healthy Body and Mind Leads to a Balanced Lifestyle

Low energy, high stress, lack of motivation. Some if not all of us are familiar with this. It could be a hectic day at work, or you may not be so busy, but still you are in that mode and are looking for that quick fix, whether that afternoon cup of coffee, cigarette break, or you may just want to take a few steps back and run across the room at high speed knocking everything over that stand in your way (not a good idea).

Whatever that feeling is, we are human, and it is not unusual to be in these type of states.  , Does it mean you have to accept it? Certainly not!  Can you change it? Absolutely!

What does it involve?

The answer lies in going back to the bare essentials!

Simply it is when you discover what your purpose and calling is in life and take the concrete steps needed to accomplish your goals  Once you’ve done this, you now have the focus and inner confidence to accomplish what your heart desires

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Adessences Bare Essentials Package

Your Bare Essentials Package is what you need to get started in pursuing your dreams and accomplishing your goals. Here are some of the techniques you will pick up in 4 sessions or less:


  • Learn what you need to do to become more energetic
  • Learn how to eliminate meaningless time consuming tasks and focus on the important ones
  • get more more done in less time
  • Clear your mind of the clutter that is getting in the way of your relationships with your loved ones, acquaintances and most importantly, yourself
  • Learn to choose foods that fuel your energy, creativity and imagination
  • Learn how to once and for all reduce and eliminate cravings for foods are counter productive to your health
  • Incorporate activities into your lifestyle to create a more harmonious overall balance
  • Heal certain body ailments without the need for medication

The Smorgasbord


Taking on a life coach, whether it's health, career, relationship or any other matter is big commitment and must be treated as such. When you schedule sessions, though they can be spread out, committing only partially or being inconsistent can be counterproductive. Many people have a lot of questions about what a coach does, thus they would rather try it out and see if it is for them. As I understand this, I provide you with the smorgasbord - that is, you meet me for one session where get the opportunity to focus on one aspect of your life. Some of these include:

  • lifestyle
  • career
  • weight loss
  • general focus and direction
  • nutrition
  • relationships
  • spirituality


I give you a few practical tips (just a few as many can be very confusing and difficult to implement all at once) to take home and if you like them and want more, you have the option of coming for more sessions or signing up for one of the packages.

Tune Into Your Passions and Talent

In this day and age, many people are lost and confused about the future, not only in general , but where exactly they fit in. They find quick fixes like taking on a career that has nothing to do with what are their true talents. Some may not even be aware of what they are and are just as they say “going through the motions”. It is not uncommon for people to find things just to keep themselves busy and to dupe themselves into being productive when in actuality they are only postponing their lives. By making the necessary changes into your life, such as food, physical activity and eliminating tasks that only prove to be obstacles, you will be able to integrate all aspects of your life into an overall happier more productive one.

Remember, ‘latent’ has the same exact letters as ‘talent’, except that the ‘t’ is lingering on the inside. The program at Adessences is designed to put you in tune with your talents and goals, so you will achieve a truly balanced lifestyle.

The Main Ingredients

Food is not only defined by what you eat, but how you live. These "primary foods" include a fulfilling career, physical activity, relationships, and spiritual practice. These elements are all essential forms of nourishment. When these are balanced, what you eat becomes secondary.

When you create a menu of foods that are healthy, these will further enhance your Primary Foods.

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